Mail Form Premium v2 released

Jem’s Mail Form “Premium” version 2 has now been released and is available in the members area to download for existing users or can be purchased from the Premium page for just £19.

The new version of JMF Premium includes additional security in the form of protection from cross site request forgeries. This prevents malicious users from using externally hosted forms from submitting data via your site, which, if done ‘properly’, would bypass the existing repeat submission protection in place.

The form mark-up itself is now HTML5 by default, which means we can take advantage of HTML5 form input types and validation: more on this coming soon…

Don’t forget, the premium version of Jem’s Mail form also contains UTF-8 support to allow special/foreign characters into email submissions, and even more spam protection than the free version. Buying Jem’s Mail Form premium gives you a lifetime license including all major upgrades for an unlimited amount of websites. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information or get in touch:

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  • UTF-8 support: ideal if you receive mails containing characters such as é, õ, and so on
  • Even more spam protection: take advantage of better functionality in newer versions of PHP
  • Repeat submission protection: stop people from submitting the form multiple times in a row