About the PHP form mailer

In 2007(ish) the most commonly used free contact form, Matt’s formmail, had a ton of security issues that left it open to abuse by spammers. Not wanting to open up my website to hackers and spammers, I wrote a secure alternative for my personal use. Some time after that I released the mail script to the world and it’s still around today, used on thousands of websites across the world.

My little PHP form to email script is now used by everyone from fellow developers to school teachers, “mom & pop” stores and multi-national ecommerce websites – because it’s simple to use, easy to build on and infinitely extensible.

So… why not check out my mail form features, download the form to email script and read the Help & How-to if you get stuck with the form.

About Jem

jem-at-beex-squareHi! I’m Jem. I’m a PHP developer & mum from Shropshire in the UK.

Originally a freelance developer, due to the success of my business I launched my own company in 2012 (Ultimately Better Ltd) making websites like this and much more besides. I now have a little empire – a Jempire! – but your support of my script helps me spend a little bit less time at my computer and a little bit more time with my children.

When I’m not writing PHP mail forms (or looking after the kids) I enjoy blogging and fitness: running, powerlifting and taekwon-do.

– Jem

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All the great features of the free contact form, and more besides...

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  • UTF-8 support: ideal if you receive mails containing characters such as é, ó, ü and so on
  • Even more spam protection: take advantage of better functionality in newer versions of PHP
  • Repeat submission protection: stop people from submitting the form multiple times in a row
  • Read more about the premium mail form...