Mail Form Features

The good stuff that comes with my PHP mail form as standard:

Meta header injection protection
Prevents e-mail headers from being injected into the script which stops malicious users from using it to send hundreds of thousands of spam mails.

Tags stripped and whitespace trimmed
Strips out HTML and superfluous whitespace to ensure only the important data gets to the recipient.

Validity and length checking on fields
Basic checking of data submitted through the contact form to ensure it meets expected input formats and length.

IP and browser details included in e-mail
Allowing you to filter out specific users by IP or debug problems because of a certain user’s browser.

Valid data kept when other errors occur
Valid input data is kept and re-entered into the form when an error occurs to stop your users from having to retype all their information again – this increases the likelihood they’ll finish filling in the form and send the e-mail.

Spam word and JavaScript exploit check
Checks the input data against a list of common spam words and JavaScript exploits to reduce the risk of spam.

Common bot blocking to prevent automated mails
Checks the reported browser information to prevent common bots from accidentally (or intentionally!) filling out your mail form and sending unwanted e-mail.

Bayesian style spam filtering
Uses a highly effective Bayesian style spam filtering system to ensure users who accidentally trigger a spam check are still allowed to use the mail form, but bots and spammers can’t.

Compatibility with even the newer versions PHP
Jem’s Mail Form is always checked against the latest versions of PHP to ensure maximum compatibility.

Optional thank you page redirect
Already have a “thank you” page for users who’ve filled out a form? Optionally redirect users to that page upon completion.

Set your own success/error message styling
Easily customise the success and error messages with basic CSS.

Disables Send button on successful mail send to help prevent spam
Automatically disable the Send button when a mail is successfully sent to prevent repeat submissions.

Easily customise required fields
Change which fields are required and which aren’t so that you’re in control of the data you receive from your visitors through the form.

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