Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve got some questions before you buy?

Jem’s Mail Form Premium

How much is £19 in USD?
At the time of writing, 19GBP is approximately 24USD. You can check for definite using the XE Currency Converter.

So what do I actually get when I buy your premium mail form?
Good question! You get:

  • The script (this is the important bit, right?)
  • Lifetime access to updates to that version – security updates, bug fixes, etc
  • The knowledge that you’re rewarding over 20 years of contributions to open source and free code development by saying “this is worth paying for!”

How many sites can I use it on?
It’d be really awesome if you could buy the form for each site that you wanted to use it on, but I know what it’s like working on a tight budget and realistically there’s nothing stopping you from copying it to each site once you’ve paid the first time so you have my permission to use it on unlimited websites.

What if I don’t like it? Do you give refunds?
Sure. If you’re really unhappy with what you’ve received, contact me within 14 days of purchase and I’ll refund your transaction.

What about support?
I aim to respond to all support requests that I receive (for both my free and premium mail forms) but paying for the premium form does not guarantee you a quicker response. Members can access priority support (see below)

I’ve paid for the script but I can’t find the download link?
Once you’ve proceeded through checkout, an account will be automatically created for you and the details sent via e-mail. Log in to your account and visit either the Account page, or the Premium Mail Form page, and the download will be generated automatically.

Downloads expire every 4 hours (ish) but you can re-visit the page to generate a new download. This ensures that you always get the latest version of the script.

I tried to test the form on my computer but it doesn’t work?
The contact form processing is programmed in a language called PHP. This isn’t something that is installed by default on the vast majority of computers, so unless you have web server software running on your computer, you will not be able to test the form ‘locally’.

I suggest uploading the form to a private area on your web hosting to test form changes, or installing software such as XAMPP on your computer which will give you the things you need to run the form.

Get Premium

All the great features of the free contact form, and more besides...

Buy Now - £19

  • UTF-8 support: ideal if you receive mails containing characters such as é, ó, ü and so on
  • Even more spam protection: take advantage of better functionality in newer versions of PHP
  • Repeat submission protection: stop people from submitting the form multiple times in a row
  • Read more about the premium mail form...