How do I change the subject field?

The subject is set on line 78 of the (unedited) contact form file & looks like this: $subject = "Automatic Form Email"; You can change the text between the " " to anything you like, e.g. $subject = "Mail from contact form";

If you wish to use quotation marks in your subject line you must escape them with a backslash, e.g. $subject = "Mail from \"sitename\" contact form";

How do I let users specify a subject?

To let users specify an email subject, first you must add a subject field to your form. This can be a text field or a drop-down to restrict the choice to one of several.

First, find:

	<label for="url">Website URL:</label> 
		<input type="text" name="url" id="url" value="<?php get_data("url"); ?>" /><br />

Underneath, add:

Text Field

	<label for="subject">Subject:</label> 
		<input type="text" name="subject" id="subject" value="<?php get_data("subject"); ?>" /><br />


Dropdown field

	<label for="subject">Subject:</label> 
		<select name="subject" id="subject">
			<option>Subject one</option>
			<option>Subject two</option>
		</select><br />

Add subject to required fields to ensure one is set: $requiredFields = "name,email,comments,subject"; & then change the subject to our receive the info from the form: $subject = stripslashes(strip_tags( $_POST['subject'] ));

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