How do I put your contact form on my website?

Installing my PHP contact form into your existing website is super simple – no programming knowledge required!


Nothing too scary, I promise:

  • Your web server / web host must support PHP. You should be able to run this mail form under PHP4 and PHP5 (and if this means nothing to you, you probably won’t have to worry about it!)
  • Your host must allow use of mail() — a few web hosts disable this to try and combat spam. If in doubt, ask your web host

That’s really it.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the mail form to your computer, extract the zip file and open the mail form “.txt” file
  • Customise the variables at the top of the file, e.g. if the e-mail address you want to receive the form mail at is, change $yourEmail = ""; to $yourEmail = ""; Save your changes.
  • Rename the file to something suitable, e.g. contact.php. The file must be saved with a “.php” extension to work!
  • Upload to your web server … it’s ready to go!

Questions? Want to customise the appearance of the form? See the help & how-to

Get Premium

All the great features of the free contact form, and more besides...

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  • UTF-8 support: ideal if you receive mails containing characters such as é, ó, ü and so on
  • Even more spam protection: take advantage of better functionality in newer versions of PHP
  • Repeat submission protection: stop people from submitting the form multiple times in a row
  • Read more about the premium mail form...