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Jem's free PHP Contact Mail Form has stood the test of time for over 10 years, with a better track record than any other indie dev website contact form in the world.

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  • UTF-8 support: ideal if you receive mails containing characters such as é, ó, ü and so on
  • Even more spam protection: take advantage of better functionality in newer versions of PHP
  • Repeat submission protection: stop people from submitting the form multiple times in a row
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Jem’s free PHP Contact Mail Form is a single page multi-use PHP web based mail (e-mail) website contact form to email script that allows your users to send you feedback directly from your website, without the need for you to customise heavily detailed code and panic over security: easily add a secure contact form to your website with no programming knowledge!

It’s super simple to install my PHP mail form and can work independently or slot right in to your existing site/layout. Simply download the mail form, alter the options at the top and you’re ready to go!

Brought to you by Jem Turner, a Shropshire-based freelance PHP developer & prolific blogger with over 20 years commercial experience developing PHP solutions for national and international businesses of all sizes.