Jem’s Mail Form and the GDPR

What is the GDPR? The GDPR — or General Data Protection Regulation — is part of a new set of rules and regulations implemented alongside the Data Protection Act 2018 which places legal obligations on data controllers (that’s people receiving or processing personal data) who work with people based within the EU. In short, if […]

5 Common Form Usability Mistakes

Web forms are important, and necessary. Forms are quite often crucial to successfully converting potential customers into sales or ‘leads’. From the humble contact form to bigger, multi-page data request forms: there’s no avoiding contact forms on the Internet. So why is it that so many people make the same form usability mistakes? While designers […]

Why should I use a website contact form?

Lots of designers and developers still don’t use a website contact form to allow clients and customers to get in touch. I think they’re wrong: Mail from your website contact form goes to the right person When you leave a customer to find an email address on your website, they might end up sending mail […]