Moving forwards with WooCommerce and Stripe

As preparation for a range of improvements coming to Jem’s Mail Form over the coming year, the site orders / payments / downloads system is now predominantly powered by WooCommerce integrated with the Stripe payment gateway. This setup brings opportunities for expanding the lineup of products available utilising our virtually unbeatable anti-spam system including a […]

New spam detection added to PHP Mail Form

As of this morning, both the free and premium PHP mail form scripts have an additional spam check to detect and assign scoring to submissions where the form submission contains data in an unexpected order. This is an increasingly common trait in automated spam, but may cause false flags if you’ve significantly changed the default […]

Jem’s Mail Form 2.2 is Online

The long awaited Jem’s Mail Form Premium 2.2 is now live and online for members to download. The latest version fixes two minor division by zero warnings that appear under certain conditions, as well as introducing four big new spam checks: Short link detection Enquiry href link balance checking (detects the percentage of text to […]

Additional Spam Checks / Site Updates

Version 2.1.6 of Jem’s Mail Form Premium is now live incorporating an optional check for unexpected Cyrillic characters e.g. Russian (initial release v2.1.5) as well as some handy dandy maths to calculate common uppercase letter patterns. Checked against over 100 anonymised user submissions prior to release, the latest update has a high catch rate on […]

New Spam Checks in Premium

JMF users who’ve purchased the premium version of the form are advised to upgrade at your leisure to version 2.1.4 of the form, which comes with two extra spam checks based on recent patterns of spam: new check for number of links, where points are assigned if the total exceeds 4 new check for html […]

Jem’s Mail Form is coming to WordPress – sort of!

I’ve thought long and hard about porting Jem’s PHP Mail Form to WordPress (the number 1 content management system in the world) but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the WordPress contact form plugin marketplace is thoroughly saturated. However, what do many of these WordPress form plugins have in common? Problems with spam. […]

Bug fix for both free & premium mail forms

I’ve just released a minor bug fix for both the free and premium versions of Jem’s Mail Form. JMF free is now on version 2.4.5 and JMF Premium on 2.1.2. In certain rare circumstances where no required fields are entered, the form previously always threw up the “please fill in all required fields” error message. […]

Mail Form Premium v2 released

Jem’s Mail Form “Premium” version 2 has now been released and is available in the members area to download for existing users or can be purchased from the Premium page for just £19. The new version of JMF Premium includes additional security in the form of protection from cross site request forgeries. This prevents malicious […]

Jem’s Mail Form Relaunch

Jem’s Mail Form just got better (about time, you cry!) The website has been relaunched to include new functionality, a smoother (faster) checkout process, new membership features including the drag & drop form builder I’ve been promising for well over a year and more besides. Please check it out, and let me know your thoughts. […]